The first microwave SuperLink scheme realizes double gigabit coverage, and Zhejiang Mobile helps create a “sea island model” for common prosperity

Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei successfully deployed the first 6.5Gbps high-bandwidth microwave SuperLink in Zhejiang Zhoushan Putao Huludao, the actual theoretical bandwidth can reach 6.5Gbps, and the availability can reach 99.999%, which can meet the needs of Huludao double gigabit coverage, and truly realize “the same speed of sea and land network”. To further help the “Hello Island” island co-prosperity action.

Located in Zhoushan City in northeast Zhejiang Province, Huludao is a small floating island surrounded by waves. Its shape is like a gourd, sound like “Fu Lu Island”, carrying generation after generation of islanders for the good hope of life. Due to the changeable climate and environment, inconvenient transportation, difficult network operation and maintenance and other factors, the signal on the island is unstable for a long time, and the residents on the island have become difficult to use the Internet.

In October 2016, Zhejiang Mobile Zhoushan Branch opened the first 4G base station in Huludao, and the island has entered the era of mobile network since then. In October 2021, Huludao opened its first 5G base station, and the island has also entered the 5G era.

In order to further benefit the maritime fishermen from the development of communications, Zhejiang Mobile actively responded to the requirements of “Accelerating the construction of high-speed ubiquitous network infrastructure” in the “Zhejiang Province New Infrastructure Strong Foundation Action Plan” formulated by the provincial government of Zhejiang Province, and constantly explored and applied a variety of communication innovation technologies to solve the problems of island communication.

“After continuous accumulation of experience, we found that in some island scenarios, microwave transmission can better meet the requirements of island communication, and solve the problems of cross-sea link multi-path fading, water surface reflection, rain failure, packet loss, interference and so on.” Zhejiang Mobile Zhoushan branch staff introduction.

In 2023, Zhejiang Mobile Zhoushan Branch cooperated with Huawei, and the two sides conducted deployment verification through the SuperLink solution. It is reported that the SuperLink solution is composed of multi-frequency antennas and four-in-one carrier aggregation CA ODU, which can solve the problem of long distance and large capacity microwave hardware stacking, make the deployment simpler, have larger bandwidth, and can effectively cover 5G suburbs, which is conducive to speeding up 5G construction. SuperLink solutions can reach a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps, cover the distance of low frequency up to 30KM, high frequency up to 10KM, can meet the needs of gigabit bandwidth island construction.

“For the use needs of inter-island cross-water scenarios, we designed and conducted five business scenarios verification, including island scenario network regulation comparison test, multi-carrier test, performance index test, bad weather transmission scenario test, link active interference test, etc. In early April, our work team overcame problems such as maritime transportation and island location. It only took 2 days to complete the installation of all the equipment, and on April 27, we officially launched the test, and the results showed that the link availability was up to 99.999%, the link capacity fully reached the planned 6.5G, and the SuperLink solution passed the test of real business scenarios!” Zhoushan mobile network expert Qiu Leijie introduced.
common prosperity

Jiang Yanrong, deputy GM of Putuo Branch at Zhejiang Mobile, said: “Building communication infrastructure on islands is tough and the maintenance work is a real challenge. The microwave SuperLink solution brings new possibilities for applying innovative microwave technology in various business scenarios due to its easy deployment, high bandwidth, and user-friendly operation. It’s safe to say that as Zhoushan’s ‘Gigabit Island’ initiative gains momentum, the demand for microwave technology will only increase. We are committed to utilizing the latest microwave solutions to enhance stability and provide even greater bandwidth for island communication.”

Post time: Sep-15-2023