200W Attenuator

200W Attenuator

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A load is a microwave passive single port device, whose main function is to absorb all microwave energy from the transmission line, improve the matching performance of the circuit. The load is usually connected to the terminal of the circuit, so it is also called a terminal load or matching load. Provide matching impedance within a specified frequency range, which can be divided into resistive load, capacitive load, and inductive load. Used for terminating branch nodes or detection points in distributed system extension links.

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1.Provide attenuation.
2.Adjust the signal strength in the circuit.
3.They can be used to show the attenuation data of the network tested directly when measuring circuit by comparative approach.
4.Improve the impedance matching.
1.Wide frequency band.
2.Low VSWR
4.Good fireproof performance
All specifications can be customized

200W衰减器器 N型 DC-4GHz
200W衰减器器 D型 DC-4GHz 规格书
200W.衰减器器 4310型 DC-4GHz


Q:What’s your company MOQ?
A:It depends on whether customized or not,than we can negotiate.
Q: What’s your delivery time?
A: It depends on our stock in first , products can send out once receive your deposit
If use customer brands,it will depends the quantity,we will often take about 7 days to prepare materials and mass production.
Q: Can your company accept customize?
A: Welcome OEM&ODM.


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