Microstrip coupler

Microstrip coupler

Short Description:

A passive device that divides one input signal into two outputs with unequal energy; It can be used to monitor and control the output power and output spectrum of transmitters, and can also be used as a power meter in conjunction with detectors and level indicators.

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Product Type Operating
VSVR Coupling degree Main line loss Isolation Impedance Connector
WOH-XX-80/470-NF 80MHz~470MHz ≤1.3:1 5±1.5dB/6±1.5 dB
7±1.5dB/10±1.5 dB
15±2 dB
≤2.1dB  ≤1.9dB
≤1.7dB   ≤0.80dB
≥22dB  ≥23dB ≥25dB  ≥27dB ≥28dB 50Ω N-Female
WOH-XX-400/6000-N 400MHz~6000MHz ≤1.3:1 5±2 dB/7±2 dB
10±2 dB/15±2 dB
20±2 dB
≤2.0dB  ≤1.5dB
≤0.9dB   ≤0.5dB
≥22dB  ≥23dB ≥24dB  ≥25dB ≥26dB 50Ω N-Female

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