Termination Load

Termination Load

Short Description:

Provide matching impedance within the specified frequency range, which can be divided into resistive load, capacitive load, and inductive load. Used for terminating branch nodes or detection points in distributed system extension links.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Type Operating Frequency
VSVR Average Power Impedance Connector
FZQ-2-6G-11NM DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 2W 50Ω N-Male
FZQ-5-6G-11NM DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 5W 50Ω N-Male
FZQ-10-6G-11NM DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 10W 50Ω N-Male
FZQ-1-6G-11 4310M DC-6GHz ≤1.20:1 1W 50Ω 4.3-10-Male
FZQ-2-6G-11 4310M DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 2W 50Ω 4.3-10-Male
FZQ-5-6G-11 4310M DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 5W 50Ω 4.3-10-Male
FZQ-10-6G-11 4310M DC-4GHz/DC-4GHz~6GHz ≤1.18:1/≤1.20:1 10W 50Ω 4.3-10-Male
FZQ-1-6G-11 2.2-5M DC-6GHz ≤1.20:1 1W 50Ω 2.2-5-Male
FZQ-2-6G-11 2.2-5M DC-6GHz ≤1.20:1 2W 50Ω 2.2-5-Male
FZQ-50-4G-11 N/F DC-4GHz ≤1.20:1 50W 50Ω N-Female
FZQ-50-4G-11 N/M DC-4GHz ≤1.20:1 50W 50Ω N-Male
FZQ-25-6G-11 4310/F DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω 4.3-10/Female
FZQ-25-6G-11 4310/M DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω 4.3-10/Male
FZQ-25-6G-11 D/F DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω DIN-Female
FZQ-25-6G-11 D/M DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω DIN-Male
FZQ-25-6G-11 N/F DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω N-Female
FZQ-25-6G-11 N/M DC-6GHz ≤1.25:1 25W 50Ω N-Male

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