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Attenuator is an electronic component that provides attenuation and is widely used in electronic devices.

Its main purpose is to:

(1) adjust the size of signals in circuits;

(2) In the comparison method measurement circuit, it can be used to directly read the attenuation value of the tested network;

(3) To improve impedance matching, if certain circuits require a relatively stable load impedance, an attenuator can be inserted between this circuit and the actual load impedance to buffer the changes in impedance

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The working frequency band of the attenuator means that the attenuator can reach the index value only when the attenuator is used in a given frequency range. Because the RF microwave structure is related to frequency, the component structures of different frequency bands are different and could not be used in general. The attenuator with modern coaxial structure has a wide working frequency band, which should be paid attention to in design and use.

Product Type Operating Frequency Band Attenuation VSVR Average Power Impedance Connector
SJQ-2-XX-4G-N/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30 ≤1.20:1 2W 50Ω N/M-F
SJQ-5-XX-4G-N/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30 ≤1.20:1 5W 50Ω N/M-F
SJQ-10-XX-4G-N/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30 ≤1.20:1 10W 50Ω N/M-F
SJQ-25-XX-4G-N/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20 ≤1.20:1 25W 50Ω N/M-F
SJQ-25-XX-6G-D/MF DC-6GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20 ≤1.20:1 25W 50Ω D/M-F
SJQ-25-XX-6G-4310/MF DC-6GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20 ≤1.20:1 25W 50Ω 4310/M-F
SJQ-200-XX-4G-N/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30/40 ≤1.25:1 200W 50Ω N/M-F
SJQ-200-XX-4G-D/MF DC-4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30/40 ≤1.25:1 200W 50Ω D/M-F
SJQ-200-XX-4G-4310/MF DC~4GHz 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/20/30/40 ≤1.25:1 200W 50Ω 4310/M-F

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